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Dennis Doermer grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and moved to Ottawa, Ontario in 1989. A four month post-university tour of Europe in 1981 was one of those key life events which confirmed his love of travel. The tour covered 26 countries, including the ex-Soviet Union, and led to the creation of the board game Travel Fever – The Europe Game.

He has served as a tour escort and cultural interpreter for soldiers and officers of the German Army (Bundeswehr) during the 1980s, when they were training at Canadian Forces Base Shilo, Manitoba. He has served as the bus manager for Paddlewheel Grayline for one season. He has also given group tours of Ottawa to German and Swiss tourists.

On a more personalized basis Dennis has given tours to foreign dignitaries on official visits, or doing business in Ottawa, as well as to locally engaged federal trade commissioners representing Canada in countries around the world.

He has held positions in the insurance industry, the hospitality industry as well as several departments and agencies of the federal government – Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canadian Commercial Corporation, Public Works and Government Services and Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. Additionally, he has served his country on a three year overseas posting in Germany.

Dennis would love to give you an insider’s tour of his adopted home town of Ottawa!

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